Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpking Carving

We went over to the Kytes' on Saturday to watch the rally in DC and carve some gourds with our good friends. Both the rally and the carving were highly entertaining.

You will notice that Sam is conspicuously absent from most of these photos. As soon as he realized that Mom and Dad weren't going to clean out his pumpkin guts this year, he lost all interest in his creation. We even tried to shame him into participation (always a good parenting technique) by pointing out that his three-year-old sister was taking care of her own pumpkin guts, but he was too wise for us.

Admittedly, nobody liked cleaning out their own pumpkin guts.
Kylee was a trooper - she did her own guts and then even came to Ben's rescue on the assist
Sash lacked precision with the pumpkin saw, so we tag teamed it. She had a rather fabulously dramatic hacking technique, though.
Ben preferred to carve in angry concentration
Emphasis on the anger
Sash was so proud of her finished pumpkin!
We ended up with happy kids and delightful pumpkins
And they were just perfect on our doorstep Halloween night!

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