Friday, November 19, 2010

WanYing's Finding Ad

This week we got a very special package in the mail - WanYing's finding ad! The Chinese government requires that a bulletin be placed in the provincial newspaper where a child is found in an attempt to locate the child's family and a research group was able to find WanYing's ad for us.

WanYing's finding ad was published on February 27, 2009, so this picture of her must have been taken within weeks of her birth!  What a blessing to have a real baby picture of our baby!

The translation is:
Ling Wan Ying, female, birth day Feb. 6, 2009, was found on Feb. 10, 2009 at outside of the Welfare Institute in Wannian County. She had a skinny face with both of her palms adhesed.
As grateful as we are for this piece of WanYing's history (and we are so grateful to have so many artifacts and photos from WanYing's early childhood!), our hearts can't help but sag at the sight of all of these children whose birth families were unable to keep them and abandoned them to be found and cared for by the government and, hopefully and eventually, loving families.

This is just one newspaper from one day in one province in one country.  We are so blessed and grateful to be family to "column 4 row 4" but what has happened to the other 135 children on this page?  What will happen to the 143 million faces just like this in our world?


China Dreams said...

Our son's finding ad is a B&W copy of a B&W ad but I cherish it!

Laura GarcĂ­a said...

Que bien que conseguiste el finding ad!!!!
Es genial poder tener una foto de WanYing recien nacida.
Me alegro!


Why did you got the ad Finding!!
It's great to have a picture of newborn WanYing.
I'm glad!


Shelly said...

Down on the bottom right side of my blog is our timeline!!!

Lisa said...

I've been following your journey to china (we're traveling in May!) and stumbled upon this finding ad post. How did you find it? Sounds like it wasn't through the orphanage? Would love to do the same for our daughter.

Lisa said...

oops. my email address is


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