Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preschool Author and Artist

In my head, Sasha is still my little two-year-old baby - it's so easy for me to forget that she'll be four in just a few months! But her newly acquired writing and drawing skills do snap me back to reality when I let myself think of her as my toddler instead of the preschooler she is.

Sash isn't writing legible letters yet, but she definitely knows what writing is and what it looks like, and she loves it when we write lists for her in her special notebook. This week, requested lists have been our family's names - always starting with Sasha (of course) and moving through Ben, Sam, Mommy, Daddy, WanYing, and Chorney.

And now her writing is accompanied by pictures! It's so fun to see her drawing people - this drawing contains two pictures of Mommy. I think it's a stunning likeness, and she got my hair just right.

And here's Sasha's preschool homework book. She loves doing her homework and she works really hard to complete the pages (albeit in her own way) - here's hoping we can encourage that feeling through the years!


China Dreams said...

If she loves writing at almost four, nothing will dampen that love. You have a budding poet or author or lawyer or....something on your hands :-)

Marcia at Harvest said...

When learning is fun, you've won the school battle. Sasha will be at the top of her class! She's already at the top of my list!


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