Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Less Broken Heart

In honor of Orphan Sunday and in celebration of WanYing's 21-month birthday yesterday (ok, that may not be a major holiday, but we'll celebrate every WanYing occasion we can manufacture!), I am proud to present the "One Less" video that Steve and I created. This is a promo for an adoption class we'll present for our church family in December (dates forthcoming) but we see no reason to keep such a sweet video under wraps!

Steve and I don't believe that adoption is the path for everybody, but we do believe that everybody should carefully consider their role in easing the plight of the world's 143 million orphans. How can you make one less broken heart in the world tonight?

Big, big thanks to everybody who let us use their precious kiddos faces in this video!


Lou Ann said...

What a wonderful tribute to the children who have found their families. And what fun to recognize so many of those precious little faces. You can certainly add Lexie's if you want.

I'm sure your presentation will be terrific especially with Sasha sitting right there as proof of what an amazing option adoption is for building a family.

Nice job,
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Linda said...

Jamie, Steve and kids,

Thanks for opening your hearts and lives to make these little ones part of your family. You are in our prayers as you go through the process to adopt your new little daughter.

Love you guys!

Linda and Woodie Wood

Scott and Paula said...

Not only do I love the message, I loved even more all the familiar Kaz cuties!

Thanks for making my night! =)

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

Oh its nice!!! I was so surprised to see Anthony's pic at the beginning, then i remembered when you emailed about it! :) So cute!! Good job! I hope that it will open people's minds to help!!!

Laura said...

Bravo, my friends!

jody said...

oh happy tears!!


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