Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

I don't know if it's like this in other parts of the country or not, but here in Utah we celebrated Halloween on Saturday. The whys escape me, it's just how it's done. Unfortunately, whale Sunday has proved to be 60 degrees and sunny, Saturday evening was in the 40's and raining. Sigh.

While the rest of our party opted to chow down on pizza and caramel apples inside, Ben decided that since he was encased in plastic, he could go out in the pouring rain to trick-or-treat. And if Ben was going, Sasha was definitely going. So the three of us tromped through our neighborhood with me lifting the kids over the rivers on both sides of the street (we don't get enough rain to warrant storm sewers in residential streets, but that means that when it rains the streets are very wet) since Sasha is little and Ben was carrying 30 pounds of port-a-potty. We made it to three houses before collectively agreed that we were cold and wet.

Fortunately, the clouds lifted after a quick candy snarf-down break and we were able to make it the whole way around the block candy-laden and in comparatively dry comfort.

Sam the park ranger looked very official. I wouldn't have perpetrated any tricks around him.

And Sasha was an adorable rainbow fairy. In all of the photos I took of her in her wings, she's jumping, demonstrating her flying abilities. The intense sugar high may also have had something to do with the bouncing.

Every time we got to a new house, Ben would announce, "I'm a port-a-potty" and Sasha would chime in with, "And I'm a Tinkerbell ferry!" I'm pretty sure they both charmed themselves into far more than their fair share of treats.

Merry trick-or-treating to all who are doing it on the calendar-appropriated day!


Jenny said...

Hi Jamie! It was so much fun meeting you and your cute little Sasha today:) I look forward to keeping in touch and following each other's adoption journeys. Your family is beautiful! Jenny

Stacey and Dewey said...

Isnt the Sat thing funny, I don't get it either but luckily for us Cedar City was dry all weekend. I love the Port-a-potty idea!! I wanted all of us to dress up as KISS but the boys wanted no part of it :) It looks like even with the bad weather you still had a blast.


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