Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SPOON in Botakoz

Support and Provide Overseas Orphan Nutrition (SPOON) is an awesome foundation started by some Kaz adoptive mamas who decided to do something about orphan malnutrition in Kazakhstan. They just started a new vitamin and menu pilot program in a few Kaz baby houses and Sasha's baby house, Botakoz, is one of the baby houses in the study. Hooray!

SPOON just posted these sweet pictures of breakfast time in one of the rooms of Botakoz – the boxes in the center of the table are the new vitamins that the kiddos are getting.

SPOON is a fantastic organization doing life-changing work on behalf of the children of Kazakhstan and beyond. That’s why we chose them as the recipient of all funds raised by ads on our blog - almost $100 so far! :)

Here are some great resources SPOON has made available:Way to go, SPOON! Thanks for looking out for orphans, adopted kids, and their parents!

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