Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Mommy: Sasha, how was your first day of school? What did you do today?

Sasha: I see boys and I sing (now singing), "Bluebird, bluebird" (This is her favorite song from Kindermusic, I don't know if she actually sang it today at preschool or not)

Sasha: I read book

Sasha: (now squealing with the sheer delight of the memory) Cookies!

Mommy: Cookies? What did you do with cookies?

Sasha: I eat cookies and I make cookies! (perhaps not in that order)

As expected, preschool is Sasha paradise.


MissM said...

Should we be concerned that the first thing that came to mind was about boys? Good luck when she becomes a teenager!

sandyamstar said...

Too cute!!! LOVE the matching apron and tote bag!!!

Laura said...

Bluebirds, books, boys and cookies make for an amazing first day of school. I wonder how she'll top that next year?


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