Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camping on Squaw Peak

Please excuse yet another camping post... our family's just on a kick right now, and camping always makes for amusing photos. Sash asks to go camping or hiking pretty much every day, and we're happy to oblige as often as possible! It gives all four children (Chorney included) a chance to burn off some energy.

This weekend we went up Squaw Peak for a little autumn camping. As usual, our children emerged filthy, bruised, bandaged, and completely happy.

That's the face of one happy camper. The degree of happiness is directly related to the dirt quotient.
Sam took care of packing his own provisions, namely vast quantities of Saltines and Goldfish. The boy loves his carbs.
Ben likewise did his own packing - several cans of rootbeer. This one likes his sugar as much as the other likes his carbs.
Dinner time! Chili cheese dogs - standard Morningstar camping faire
And when you see this face, you know that random acts of mischief aren't far behind. Never dull, never dull.


tac said...

I just love Sasha's pink camouflage pants!

Lou Ann said...

Oh my word - that last picture of Shasha is priceless!! It needs to be on the cover of "Parenting the Mischievous." Love it!

Tracy said...

Love it!! Love that dirty little face!!!


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