Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sam's Favorite Pictures from Zion

by Sam

I like taking all of these pictures. Of them there are rivers, bikes, tarantulas, etc. I really like all these pictures, however, these are my favorites.

This one is a lizard.
This one is of Ben running to catch his card box while it's going away while Grammy is waiting to play war again with him.
This one is of me going to get Sash stuck out of the "quick mud." I'm not really the one who took this picture but it's still one of my favorites.
This one is of Sasha coming back over the river. She's a little stuck in thin "quick mud." Again, I didn't take this picture.
This one is of the others biking.
This one is of a tarantula.
This one is of a lizard on a rock.
This one is a face in the rocks. If you notice, it has a big black nose.
This is another one of a tarantula.

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