Monday, October 18, 2010

Officially a Big Girl

Who's that cutie sporting the "Nemo" backpack - complete with embroidered name - and big girl underwear? Why, it's Sasha!

That's right, our little big girl has worked long and hard to stay clean and dry for a whole week, and we are loving it. Not only does she get her Nemo backpack, purchased months ago in preparation for this big day, but she gets to start school this week since she's officially all grown up. I'm pretty sure that preschool will be the fulfillment of all of her dreams and fantasies. If you could combine preschool and puppies, she'd never leave.

I'm sure that I'll look back on these carpet-cleaner-filled, laundry-ridden days wistfully when she's 16 and driving and wearing mascara and time has dulled the parental trauma of potty training, but for now Steve and I are happy, happy, happy to put this phase behind us.


Lou Ann said...

That is a BIG step!! Congrats to everyone but especially the big girl who now will be a big school girl complete with backpack and clean big girl panties. Life doesn't get any better!!!

(Oh I remember the potty training days well and am soooooo glad they are behind us - pun intended!)

Lou Ann & Big Girl Lexie too

Jennifer M said...

Many congrats to the big girl Sasha for quite the accomplishment!

sandyamstar said...

YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!! We're so proud of Sasha! (OH, yeah, and your great parenting too!)

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

woohhoooooo!!! Yay!!!

Dean and Janie said...

Congratulations on the big step! I know how excruciatingly painful that can be. My second biological child was to busy to care about such, but more than capable to do so at anytime from the time she was like 10 months old.
Our new little one from Kaz, on the other hand, at two years old, is doing an awesome job! An upside to adopting a toddler from the strict environment of the kaz orphanages I guess.


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