Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Big Girl Among Us?

Who is that girl holding a new bribery big-girl kukla, sitting in her chair at the big-girl table (without the shameful little-girl tray), using a big-girl fork? Could it be? Could it be that our Sasha is finally and really and truly a big girl?!? (and, yes, we really have been making that many distinctions between big and little-girl activities in our home. We are laying it on thick)

That's right, folks, after numerous false starts and fake-outs we are starting to believe that Alexandra Grace Morningstar is potty training. We've had two consecutive days of underwear and very few accidents. And, most importantly, this was all Sasha's idea (although, admittedly, we present the idea frequently hoping that she'll grab a hold of the concept that being in diapers forever may not be her best long-term strategy for social acceptedness). Because we all know that you can't control what comes out of a kid or when or where it happens - they really have to feel ownership over this whole potty thing.

It's too early to declare victory over the diapers... but we're cautiously optimistic. If we don't post a jubilant followup to this post a few days from now, you'll know that Sash bamboozled us yet again.

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