Thursday, August 26, 2010


I admit that I am at least partially to blame for the phenomenon that is Sasha's obsession with nail polish. Although I would never, ever even consider painting my own nails, the novelty of painting my toddler's nails is irresistible.

Here we are picking out the finest 60-second nail polish that $1.99 can buy at Target. We had great fun choosing colors and ended up with pink and blue. We also wanted to get a fabulous metallic grape color, but it was $3 and that's way outside of my toddler nail polish budget. I am happy to report that the pink toenails match her pink Crocs perfectly.

Teeny-tiny three-year-old nails are deceptively difficult to paint, especially with all of the wiggling. We did, however, persevere and ended up with quite an extraordinary polish job, as Sash displays here in this picture when encouraged to, "show off your nails!" Polish does come off of kitchen counters with nail polish remover, which is made necessary because 60-second nailpolish doesn't really dry in 60 seconds (lies!) and it's so hard not to scrape your bright blue wet nails along the counter while grooving to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

And here's Sasha's attempt to show you her pretty pink painted toenails. I like that she's still keeping her fingers splayed in, "let the nails dry" style. Obviously I put the fear of God into her rather effectively after the 31st time I had to redo the polish on her left index finger.

You'll just have to take my word for the cuteness of the toenails, she refused to stay still long enough for a proper picture.

And here's my best attempt to show off Sasha's, "pony hair" as she calls it. Like I said, there was a lot of wiggling involved.

I've gotten pretty darn good at the pony hair over the past week and am probably unduly proud of the accomplishment. We even got the pigtails going on earlier in the week. It takes a brush, a comb, a spray-bottle of water, and specially purchased toddler hair teeny tiny rubberbands, but the resulting "princess hair" is well worth the effort.


sandyamstar said...

I LOVE the nails!!! Has she asked to do yours yet? Abby's already gotten Lizzie and far the menfolk are safe! Can't wait for our little princesses to play together!!!

The Fox Den said...

I love her "let it dry" stance with the karate kick! She is precious.


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