Thursday, August 12, 2010

iPhone, I Love You

I'm in love. I resisted for so long. I stayed with the finest phones that $0-$20 could buy. I sort of marginally knew how to use a cell phone sort of. But that life is behind me now. I am an iPhone 4 owner.

My phone is magical and wondrous. I can take pictures of checks and deposit them to my bank account. I can watch Webex presentations. I can find trailheads using Google Maps that put little dots on my current location and desired destination. I can listen to XM Radio. I can waste hours playing Flight Control. Magic.

And we've only just begun. Heaven knows what earth-shattering applications and uses will be discovered during week 2 of iPhone ownership. I can't imagine how my affection for this device could possibly increase, but anything's possible when you own an iPhone :) I don't think I've loved anything this much since my Schi Devils. Well, besides the prerequisite God, Family, blah blah blah.

Oh, and apologies for the crappy self-portraits. I asked Steve to take a picture of me with my beloved phone for the blog but he said that if I'm blogging about an iPhone I have to take pictures of myself with said iPhone. I had no ideas there were so many rules about premium mobile phone ownership, but I'm learning quickly.


Bob said...

I would recommend Plants v Zombies, but only if you want the boys (probably all 3) to ask to use your phone every time you walk in the door.

Jessie said...

Welcome to the club! <3<3<3

If you're taking app suggestions...
YouVersion's Bible app seems to be the Bible app of choice so far.

Office Heroes is fun, if you're into games kind of like farmville. ZombieFarm falls under the same category.

Jackie and I both play Words With Friends (the free version). I'm kind of bad at remembering to play though lol.

And the most important thing of all, if your phone isn't unlocked/jailbroken as of yet you should definitely look into it! Jailbroken phones open up a world of possibilities, and if you unlock it and decide to switch to any other cellphone company you can still use your phone! Plus, it makes it a ton easier to sell if you decide to and increases the value :)

Hewitts4Him said...

Forget the phone I LOVE your hair!!

The Fox Den said...

Cute hair!!! Congrats on the phone :)

Al and Lyndsie said...

Oh my gosh you are killing me! I've ordered the Droid X (the iPhone competitor I suppose). I got a tracking message that it is on the truck at 8am for delivery and its 5:00pm and still not here. I've already been online checking out which apps I should download. I think Cardio Trainer is going to be an exciting one, it tracks your route, speed, elevation, etc. Maybe we should start a phone war and see who can get the best apps with said phones. Of course that would require mine to be here now! Hurry phone hurry. I've been obsessing over you already and haven't even met you!


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