Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally, a game that keeps up with Ben's energy level

Just when I had finally mastered the rules of t-ball, along comes a new sport for the Morningstar Family - soccer! But, although keeping track of when you throw the ball in and when you kick it in, let alone the intricacies of off-sides, is taxing my sports-challenged brain, I have to admit that I'm grateful to have found a game that keeps up with Ben's abundance of energy. Case in point - it wasn't sufficient to take a photo of him posing in his new uniform, no, he had to be balancing on his official "Orem Youth Soccer" ball.

And my favorite part of that photo of Ben showing off his uniform? The fact that Mom didn't even know that the socks are supposed to go on over the shin guards. Poor kid. It does explain why the socks are long enough to be thigh-highs, though.

My second favorite part of soccer (the first favorite part being all of the running) is Ben's team's name. With their orange jerseys came a rift in the team. Half wanted "Orange Fire." Half wanted "Orange Tigers." But Assistant Coach Steve to the rescue - and the "Orange Fire Tigers" were born! Freaking awesome. That's my favorite team name ever. It would make a hell of a tattoo. I'll have to file that thought away...

The Orange Fire Tigers met a fierce rival tonight in their first game. The "Green Team" (seriously? Green Team?!?) made up for the lameness of their name with some formidable soccer skills. Fortunately, they still don't keep score in the 7-year-old league, so we can honestly say that we don't know who won. Unless, of course, you counted the number of actual goals scored. I never do.

Go, go, Orange Fire Tigers!

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MissM said...

Those are some snazzy team shirts! Our rec teams always had boring cotton t-shirts. I love how your pictures truly capture 7-year old soccer, or should I call it "magnet ball" as everyone clumps around the ball and then kicks wildly. I hope Ben is having fun.


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