Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

We love our Bob Dylan here at morningstarhappenings and never miss a Dyan concert. After all, you never know when it'll be your last chance to see Bobby - I know that Mr. Zimmerman is only 69, but I think he lived his early (and probably middle and possibly later) years a bit harder than most.

This concert was heaven compared to our previous Dylan outing at Deer Valley, which was possibly the coldest and wettest I have ever been. Last night was warm and dry and simply delightful. The best of company, a great venue, and a first-rate performance. Summer concert going at its finest.

Besides the obvious benefits of the evening (great music and an evening out with my man), my favorite part was probably the crazy old guy on the hill next to us. He regaled us with stories of following Dylan on tour in the 60's and eating dinner with "Bobby Dylan and Jimmy Morrison" and borrowing guitars from "Bobby" to jam with the band. I don't know if they were true, but the stories were fun.

My fourth favorite part of the concert was watching old hippie-folk dance the night away. Never gets old.

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