Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hiking Dry Creek

On Saturday we packed up our Camelbaks and headed to Dry Creek in Alpine. We were well-prepared - a dog (to scare off cougars, and I strongly recommend against reading articles about bear attacks right before hiking - it jacks with your head), granola bars, plenty of water, tuna fish, and a Coke (well, only Ben decided to carry a Coke up the mountain. Thank goodness for backpacks with stabilizing straps and lots of room for "provisions").

The trail was recommend by a good friend and we found some articles online that recommend about four hours to hike up to Horsetail Falls and back.

We were poised. We were ready. We had already planned the stop at the Hawaiian Shave Ice stand on the way home.

We hiked the wrong canyon.

It could have happened to anyone... we just misinterpreted "parking lot north of the rodeo grounds" to mean next to the rodeo grounds, not a mile away. Oh well.

Still, we had a lovely afternoon together, enjoyed our provisions, and had a great hike even if we didn't happen to see Horsetail (or any other) Falls. And, most importantly, the hike was not boring. That's the greatest sin a hike can commit in Ben's world.

Maybe we shouldn't have let Chorney drive and navigate. She's not even 16 in dog years! No wonder we didn't find the right trailhead.
Plenty of room for granola bars, Goldfish, water, and cans of Coke
Mom and Dad stuck with mundane packing, like water and Band-Aids
Any hike that includes bushwhacking across streams has to be interesting
Sarah (visiting from Maryland) takes in the view
Back safe and sound
The only thing that went according to plan was the scheduled stop for Shave Ice!

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