Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thursday night we camped out in the backyard to watch the Perseid meteor shower. Like last year, our photos of the show only look like falling stars if you squint and shake your head back and forth really fast. Oh well, at least we have a nice sequence of pictures of the sky over our backyard at 3 am.

This year's shower was, admittedly, weaker than last year's. I think we just got unlucky; apparently 3-4 am didn't end up being the best time to watch the meteors in Orem Utah. We didn't even wake the kids up, but rather let them slumber peacefully in the grass - they were ticked at us in the morning for not rousing them, but not nearly as mad as they would have been to be dragged from their warm sleeping bags to watch (mostly) motionless stars!

Until next year, I suppose.

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