Monday, August 2, 2010

Albion Day 3 - Hiking to Catherine's Pass

Our weekend at Albion ended far too quickly and before we knew it the time had arrived to head back down the canyon again. Sigh.

But time remained for one more hike - Catherine's Pass, one of our very favorite skiing spots and a darn fine summer view to boot.

Editor's Note: Steve and Sarah get all of the credit for these photos. I was (lame!) already back at work by the time they went hiking.

Hmmm... do they do avalanche control in July? Sam and Cody's looks of terror seem to suggest so
Woah - freaky marmot on the loose!
Cody and Sam strike a pose
Another beautiful mountain view
Good bye, Albion, we'll see you and your wildflowers again next year!

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