Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hiking Dry Creek pt 2

After our unsuccessful first attempt to hike up Dry Creek, Sarah and I hit the trail again after church Sunday.

You'll be shocked to hear that we got lost again, but this time we did actually, eventually did end up at Horsetail Falls. The four-hour hike ended up being more like six and we bushwhacked across about a mile of Utah mountainside, but we emerged victorious. Bruised, bloodied, filthy, and exhausted but victorious. And we treated ourselves to McFlurries because it was the only ice cream shake-like thing we could find in Utah County on a Sunday :)

No, we have no idea why this would be called Dry Creek. We figure it must be some weird pioneer joke we don't get.
I'm a sucker for the texture shots
Our intrepid wonder-dog, Chorney. She didn't have to defend us from cougars or bears on this hike, either, but I'm sure she would have done so with great gusto had the opportunity arisen
We made it! Unfortunately, we read more articles after we got home and realized we weren't supposed to hike down to the water but rather stay above the falls. Thus the mile of bushwhacking to find the other side of the loop.
But we did it! And we even made it home in time for a game of Settlers in the evening.

And they all lived happily ever after, after showers, Band-Aids, McFlurries, and a whole container of onion chip dip. Mmm hmm.

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MissM said...

I like your write-up of our non-boring hike. And I think we look pretty darn good considering that we were climbing through bushes for about an hour!


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