Sunday, August 29, 2010

Farewell to the Powells

Today was the Powell family's last Sunday in Utah. This week they move cross-country where Jim will take a new position as the Worship Pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Westminster, Maryland. Yes, you read that correctly - some of our bestest friends are moving to our hometown, the town where both sets of our parents live mere minutes from each other, the town where we met and were married. Crazy business.

If there's a silver lining to these blasted goodbyes, it's the guarantee that we will see these folks again. They can run - but if they are running to our hometown then we'll assume that they're not really trying to hide.

Ok, there are 2 other silver linings (can clouds have multiple linings? well, mine can). 1 - Jim will have the opportunity to serve God and follow his passions in full-time music ministry (I have to list that as a good thing or else I sound sacrelig). 2 - Their departure did give us ample excuse for a multitude of parties and goodbye dinners. This has included the consumption of many tens of dollars of Amano Chocolate, our new collective obsession.

Small consolation, though... they will be missed. Really, really missed. Powells, we love you dearly. Westminster, be good to my sister!

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