Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camping at Granite Flat

Boy, this blog sure makes us look like outdorsey folks, judging by the prevalence of hiking and camping posts over the past few weeks... it doesn't really feel that way day-to-day, but I'm happy to maintain the mountain-family image. And hiking photos are a whole lot more interesting than pictures of the guys playing Xbox or me napping on the Luvsac while the kids enjoy their 4,000th viewing of the Mickey Mouse DVD.

We spent last weekend camping and hiking with our friends the Kaszas at the Granite Flat Campground in AF Canyon. In amusing irony, we hiked the southern end of the Dry Creek trail on Saturday... it took us two full days of hiking to find the northern end of the trail, yet we randomly found ourselves hiking the other side just one week later. The trail gods can be cruel.

We had a fabulous, low-key weekend highlighted by naps during a Saturday afternoon rain shower and the two dogs (Chorney and the Kasza's dog Bella) chasing each other full-tilt for hours on end, much to Sasha's delight.

"What do you want to do today, Babe?" "Doin' it"
Enter: Ben, holding knife menacingly. He hasn't wounded himself or anybody else. Yet.
A-hiking we go. Wherever the dogs lead, Sasha follows. "Beya (Bella), Gaya (Chornaya), waid o' me!"
Sasha demonstrates her walking/whacking stick
Love the wildflowers
Back at the campground, Mommy whups the boys at Settlers. Actually, they're getting pretty good - they consistently give me a run for my money. BTW, I was supposed to look thoughtful in this photo, but I ended up just looking angry. File that away under, "faces not to have while being photographed"
Sasha developed a deep and sticky affection for s'mores on this trip
Sasha makes Chornaya "pretty"
This is what our spastic black dog looks like at night while wearing glow sticks. On the bright (heh heh, get it? bright) side, she was much easier to find at night while illuminated

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