Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hiking peak-to-peak without all the pesky climbing

During our fabulous stay in Albion Basin we took one of our favorite hikes - the Snowbird-to-Alta peak-to-peak jaunt.

This hike is made possible by the Snowbird Tram because, really, how else are you going to get 7 kids up to 11,000 feet? So we all piled in Rainy, chugged down to Snowbird, took the tram up to Hidden Peak, hiked over to Alta, and then hiked down to Cecret Lake and back to the campsite. Perfect.

Chaos at the top of Hidden Peak. Don't worry, no little children plummeted.
Sam and Jack check out the view from the top. Again, no plummeting
Hiking down - I just love hiking by ski slope signs and contemplating how much better they look with a few hundred inches of Utah powder
Happy papa and happy Sasha
You can't beat a showball fight in July
Sasha's pointing to the Sundance back side over her shoulder
Hiking up to Alta from Mineral Basin
Hiking down the Alta side of the mountain
You know I couldn't resist at least one flower shot
Sarah overlooking Cecret Lake - almost there!
Cody caught a salamander! That's some good hunting.
A moose sighting on the way down
And the wildflowers were, of course, spectacular
A perfect day in God's creation


Anna said...

This may seem like an odd "comment" but I have to ask about your pack - how big is Sasha, and where did you get it? I need a pack for Bekah. (Since she outgrew the baby one I have been packing her around on my shoulders.)

Jstar said...

Hey, Anna! We're Kelty people all the way. Expensive, but worth it. We still use the Kelty Kids backpacking bag we got when Sam was a baby and now we have a new more compact model for Sash as well. Go for REI - their returns are super-easy if you end up not loving it.


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