Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ah, Potty Training

Sasha has been in quasi-potty training since we first met in January. She uses the potty regularly and successfully, but we hadn't made the leap to underwear - until now.

The only reasonable explication I can come up with for putting Sasha in underwear is that Steve is a masochist... or maybe that he really likes the smell of carpet cleaner. Regardless, we have taken the plunge - Sasha is in underwear!

I struggle to find the right words to describe our first week of potty training. I wish there was one word that encapsulates the moments of sheer elation, large swaths of time spent oscillating between anger and despair, and lots and lots of laundry. Oh, wait, there is one such word: toddler.

As far as the first week of potty training goes, I think we're doing pretty well. There was a special, distinctive look of desperation in Steve's eyes when I got home today, but I think he'll pull through.

Oh, and I believe that the doll is fully potty trained now, Sasha has been giving her lots of positive reinforcement. The first draft of this blog post was proud to report that the doll hadn't yet taken a bath in the potty, but Steve corrected that overly optimistic report. I only wish that the doll being dunked into the toilet head first was the grossest thing's happened this week.


Alison said...

Hurray for you, this is great. And it saves some $ to get them out of diapers too ;-) It is a coincidence you are doing this now - as we have spent the last week or so getting Lera potty trained and today she was accident free for the first time! (Now...she was potty trained when she got home from Kaz..but regressed big time. Glad she is back in the saddle...fingers crossed.) Cute post - thanks for sharing and best wishes!!

Smith Fam said...

So we do get another post soon about the grossest thing that happened this week?

Jstar said...

Um, no. We are banishing those memories to the farthest reaches of our minds

marymary said...

Go, Steve! Ellen goes in her little potty on an almost once-a-day basis, but I can't make myself take further steps. You'd think these horrible recent episodes when she's removed her diaper would be the push I needed. You'd think.

Jennifer said...

This post was the laugh I needed! Your Sasha is just too cute! I love that she's teaching and praising her baby doll. Go Steve! Potty training is tough work, and I'm not sure my hubby would be up for going at it solo.

Selena said...

Wow. Hang in there guys. At least Sasha seems to be enjoying herself!

Susan said...

oh i hate potty training. We tried the "3 day method" which was pretty much 3 days of sheer hell, and it didnt' click, so we just went back to diapers. 3 weeks later, she started asking to go. yay! We have now been potty trained for 4 months, but we still have accidents. However, they are not because she doesn't know better-they are specifically because she is mad at me for something, or she is just too busy playing to care. That's when I get really mad. :) But, she potty trained a year younger than my son did, so I guess i can't complain TOO much. :)

we have all tile and wood floors in our house, thankfully, but still i felt like a mopped enough pee to fill an ocean those first miseralble 3 days. :)

congrats!! :)

Jessica and Chris said...

OH my!!! I have laughed so hard!! I feel the pain! I thought we were done but not yet.......poop in the clothes twice in this last week, yuck. We are wishing you the best luck!!


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