Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beach, Swings, Lobster, and Lots of Photos

Day 4
Today I went to south beach. The waves were so masive that we couldn't go into the water half the time. We built mini-pools with our cousins. Our cousins names are sennica and colter.
The best part about traveling to Martha's Vineyard was that my mom's whole side of the family was there, too, so we got to hang out for a whole week with family we haven't seen in years. Of course, a week wasn't nearly long enough, but it was a start :)
Day 5
Today I went to state beach. The waves were more calm than Menemsha beach, but there was pretty decent wind, enough to make my Dad's kite line break, causing the kite to fall in the water.
The major excitement of our Wednesday on the Vineyard was definitely Steve's swim to rescue his errant kite. Like Sam's journal entry says, the wind was very strong at State Beach that morning and just as Steve was getting a new kite into the air (clarification - a "new to us" kite, it's one that he brought home from my grandfather's estate) the line broke off at the bridle! Unsurprisingly, a semi-waterlogged kite in strong wind moves very quickly, but with the grace and speed of a dolphin (or maybe a manatee... whatever...) Steve leaped atop a boogie board, doggedly pursued his quarry, and (eventually) returned to the beach victorious! As you can see from the little dot in the picture that is Steve, it was a long swim. Don't worry, he replenished his energy stores with plenty of potato chips after returning to shore - why is it that potato chips taste so incredibly good at the seashore? I singlehandedly consumed several bags in the course of our week in search of the answer, but maybe it's just one of those unanswerable mysteries.

After the beach we returned home for an afternoon nap and more potato chips and took a few turns on the neighbor's tire swing. How many photos of one stinking tire swing can a proud mama take? With kids this cute, dozens. Here are my favorites:I know - they're so stinking cute! Trust me, selecting the "best" four photos for this post was no small task.

In the evening we headed out to the Gay Head lighthouse to see the cliffs and take more photos (are you detecting a theme? Maybe getting an SLR camera wasn't such a good idea...) before heading to Menemsha for a lobster dinner. What a day!

Another nature/nurture question resolved - the urge to climb is definitely learned!

One happy Ben and Grammy

The whole gang - Daddy, Buddy, Sam, Sasha, Mommy, Grammy, Ben!

Even food couldn't tear Sam's attention away from his new book, The Dangerous Book for Boys

It's hard to determine which Sasha enjoyed more, the lobster meat or the lobster claws


Scott and Paula said...

LOVE the photo of Sasha in the tire swing with the stuffed dog - I take it that's a Chorney "stand in". lol
All of your photos reminds me we need to take a vacation too!! =)

HAH said...

I always take potato chips when I go snorkeling -- You wouldn't think something salty would taste good after being in all that salt water, but you are right -- chips are divine food at the beach!


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