Saturday, September 26, 2009


Steve has created a monster - a Kindermusicaholic!

A few weeks ago, Sasha was completing her assessment with Kids on the Move, a local early intervention program, and the coordinator mentioned that they had a Kindermusic class starting up that Sasha could participate in. Knowing Sasha's love for all things musical (second only to her love for all things K-9), we signed her up immediately.

Now we're hard-pressed to sit down for two minutes before a Kindermusic book and/or shaker is thrust upon us. I usually wear out after thee repetitions of "Bluebird, bluebird, sing good morning" and "Look at that horse, that horse is as yellow as he can be" but Steve can go on for nigh forever. What a dad.


MissM said...

I love Sasha's expression in this picture. She is clearly enthralled!

Susan said...

we LOOOOVE Kindermusic!! Leeza started going last year right before she turned 18 months. i love it!!! AND i know ALL THOSE SONGS BY HEART! we just started back up in the fall session last week and I was impressed to see what Leeza maintained. It's soooooooooooo great for kids. I'm glad Ms. Sasha loves it too! (and dad!)


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