Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mom, You've Just Gotta Blog About This!

You've gotta get suspicious when your oldest son comes running into the house shrieking, "Mom, Mom, where's the camera!?! I've got to get a picture of this for the blog!"

Here's Ben's verbatim reflection on the big ride after the fact:
I hated the bush at the end because it felt like thorns were being put into me. Other than that, besides falling off the jump, it was really quite fun!
There is hope for Ben's good sense, however - he was wise enough not to take Cappy (that's the little scooter's name) up the slide again for a second attempt.

Photography by Sam


Chris Briggs said...

Cappy looks a bit nervous.

MissM said...

Can we start a pool on when Ben will break his first bone? I'll take next July and will further bet that Sam is standing there egging him on when it happens.


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