Sunday, September 13, 2009

Abounding in Fizzdom

Last week, Ben came home from church announcing that he was going to use his allowance to purchase Diet Coke and "Mintos". His allowance is his to spend however he pleases, so later that day we visited Target and he purchased more Diet Coke and Mentos than any six-year-old should ever have. Trust me, I tried to talk him into purchasing only one package, to no avail.

We spent the next happy minutes enjoying the rather explosive effects of the combination:And where did our son learn about combining Diet Coke and Mentos? Why, Sunday School, of course!

The kids are studying wisdom in Upstreet (Children's Church) and there was an unfortunate "misunderstanding" where Pastor Chris mixed up wisdom and fizzdom. It could happen to anybody. Clearly the object lesson made quite the impression on our boys!


Lyndsie said...

Five Star Photography! Superb action shots, I love the coke volcano picture!

Selena said...

I had no idea ... it's brilliant!

Calico Sky said...

LOL of thanks for the laugh!!


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