Sunday, September 6, 2009

Obama Sighting

Day 6
Today I went to aquinnah beach. The waves were a perfection from the Atlantic ocean. Lunch time! My grandfather saw president obama at the lighthouse on his way to get lunch from the car.
Sam's journal entry on Aquinnah Beach sums it up well, it was a perfect beach day - great waves, lots of rocks to play on, beautiful cliffs in the background, and President Obama! Ok, I guess that one deserves some more explanation.

The Obamas were vacationing on the Vineyard the same week were were there (copycats) and although we saw lots of evidence of their presence on the island, we only saw them in person on Thursday at Aquinnah. My dad went up to the car to grab lunch and while in the parking lot he saw lots of commotion at the Gay Head lighthouse. He stuck around for a few moments and saw lots of secret service (oops, I mean "vacationers" with giant binoculars continually scanning the crowd) and then a few minutes later the entire Obama family walked down from the lighthouse! Too cool!

We got the chance to dine Thursday night with another set of VIPs - my aunt and uncle! It was great to catch up with the family we see far too infrequently and we snapped some classic shots of the family at dinner:
Can't you just hear the mommy-nagging now? "Ok, one more and this time without Ben giving Sam bunny ears!"They are masters at obeying the letter of the law.
Day 7
Today I went to state beach. it.......was........freezing. There was a "secret" service helicopter, how does it count a secret service if it says secret service inside?
Friday was our last quality beach day before the rain blew in and it was a chilly one. As you can see, Ben spent quite a bit of time working on his "muscles" and we got in a little more playtime with the cousins while Steve practiced with the stunt kite.And, yes, Sam's report is accurate, we did see a Secret Service helicopter scanning the beach with a light board on the inside that read "U.S. Secret Service." I guess they figured everybody would know they were some kind of Presidential security detail so they might as well just admit it!

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Jessica and Chris said...

Wow! I am soooo jealous! I sure wish we were at the beach! I am dying for a vacation :) It looks like you all had a really wonderful time.


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