Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Days on the Vineyard

Our last two days on Martha's Vineyard were rainy, but fortunately we had already gotten in so much fantastic beach time that nobody minded lazing around the house eating potato chips (yes, there was a fried potato theme to our trip).

Saturday was my cousin's wedding and we had a really fantastic time celebrating with the family. The ceremony was at the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown, a beautiful church built in the mid-1800's, and the reception was at a historic home next door. Everything was perfect, well... I guess with the exception of the weather - beautiful couple, tons o' love, great time hanging out with our family, excellent food, and impeccable gummy lobsters and Tiny Chiclets (they had a little candy bar at the wedding and I consumed disgusting quantities of gummy lobsters and Tiny Chiclets).

Sunday we spent some time in Edgartown dodging raindrops and waiting for our ferry reservation back to the Cape. Actually, the weather cleared up pretty nicely by the afternoon and we spent some time at the Edgartown lighthouse polishing off the remaining gummy lobsters and penguins from the wedding. I far preferred the lobsters, but Sasha had a soft spot for the penguins, hence her very dark mouth in the photo below.We finished off the day with a little more romping at State Beach (an 8:45 ferry leaves plenty of time for romping) and then we were off! As you probably gathered from the past week's posts, we had a really wonderful vacation. It was everything a trip to the beach should be - plenty of sun and surf, great time with family, and miraculous little email time (although I did have to keep up with work a little while we were gone).

We spent the night in Providence before our flight on Monday and managed to see what I believe is the major tourist attraction in Providence - the Hasbro toy company world headquarters. Actually, the headquarters themselves weren't that cool, but the Potato Heads outside were!See, you just knew I would find a way to weave potatoes into each post :)

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