Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vacationing with the Obamas

We spent the last 10 days on Martha's Vineyard, a little island off of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and one of my favorite places in the whole world. The trip was prompted by my cousin Becky's wedding on the Vineyard on Saturday (an inspired location!) and if we were going to fly all the way to the beach in Massachusetts for the wedding we were definitely going to stay for a whole week! The wedding was beautiful, the beaches were fantastic, and we had a great time sharing a house with Buddy and Grammy and hanging out with family gathered from far and wide. Oh, and we got to share the island with the Obama family for the week - we had quite the vacation!

I don't know how to condense such a wonderful trip (not to mention our hundreds of photos) into a single blog post, so I'll publish our vacation memories over a few days with the help of Sam's journal entries.
Day 1
Arived in massachusetts. Drove an hour and a half to an old friends house that they were building. After we arived at the house they were building we had dinner we went for a boat ride. Drove to the house that they were staying in. Rest tonight ferry tomarou.
Yep, that's our factual kid!
Day 2
Wake up! It's time to drive to the ferry! We went to the harbor's "beach." I mean, now does it count as a beach if it has waves less then an inch high?
Factual and sarcastic, what a combo!

A few of my favorite photos from Saturday and Sunday:

Sam on the ferry
The first of the many ice cream cones we enjoyed on vacation
Don't get between this girl and her ice cream!
Ben practices his boogie board skills on the "less than and inch high" waves Sam was bemoaning in his journal entry
We had tons of fun flying kites all week long!

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Selena said...

Now those are some great vacation photos. The one of Sasha eating ice cream and looking askance at the camera (or photographer) is priceless.


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