Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sam be a Fine Pirate

This weekend good friends of the family had a party at Pirate Island Pizza. We have been "patiently" awaiting the restaurant's opening for months and months and it was a great thrill for all to finally get to visit. Steve and the kids loved it... I was a little disappointed because it's really just a very cool front for an arcade (this was in no way disappointing to the rest of the family) but it was nicer than Chuck-E-Cheese and had way better pizza so I'm sure we'll return often.

My favorite part of the whole experience (besides catching up with friends) was Sam's simply fantastic ponytail. I never got tired of seeing my ponytailed eldest child stroll into the room and yell, "where be my rum?"

Good times.

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Lisa and Thal said...

AAARRRRGGHHHHH! Need there be more?


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