Saturday, September 19, 2009

Techology, Improving Lives

I was not prepared for this...

I could give you all of the reasons - Steve got a good rebate on a new phone and we already had unlimited family texting so adding another line was super cheap - but at the end of the day the reality is that my children have their own mobile phone.

And boy do they use it! Here is a sample of yesterday's text messages from Sam and Ben:
  • Do you want to text talk?
  • text text text
  • Whats the diffrence between the sun and bread?one rises east the other from the yeast.
  • We3ddewmegknpkhn,,jaaddkekeh
Blessed technology, how it improves our lives.


MissM said...

OK, this explains a lot. I received a blank message, one explaining how Dad gave him the phone, and one saying "don't call me at all." Huh? Now Sam is texting AND emailing - the world is definitely not ready for this!

Kristen and Jim Powell said...


sandyamstar said...

I'll agree....I got some strange texts recently but the bread rising one sounds awfully familiar now! Can't imagine why I didn't guess the author!?


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