Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adventures in Zion

We spent a simply lovely fall break in Zion National Park last weekend, joined by Grammy and Buddy (Jamie's parents) visiting from Maryland. Everything was perfect - great weather, fantastic company, and unbelievable scenery. Well, everything was perfect except for the state of our muscles after two full days of biking and hiking, but I suppose we have nobody to blame but ourselves for that one!

I've come to believe that there's not a bad campsite in the park, especially since every site I've used in Zion has a fire pit and a cold G&T. Oh, maybe it's really my hubbie who makes every site perfect
Sasha dressed her own dog, can you tell?
I'm not sure this was Buddy's wisest pose ever, but it's sure a cool shot!
Daddy sneaks a kiss on the trail
Every time the camera comes out, the girl has to run!
I wonder where she gets it from... and why is Ben wearing his bike helmet on a hike?
I really love the beauty of the desert
Everybody pauses for lunch by the pools
And back down again...
We always take pictures of ourselves biking downhill - we look a lot happier when aided by gravity
Almost back to the campsite
Home again, home again
Sam and Ben achieve Junior Rangerdom
Ben even scored a sweet vest - so official!
Happy kids, happy grandparents (this was before Sasha decided to try to run off of the edge of the cliff, she wasn't so happy after that)
Zion canyon
Apparently when Mommy tells you that the cactus is prickly, you should listen to her
What a fantastic fall break!

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Amy said...

I am pretty sure I am going to have nightmares about that spider.


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