Monday, December 13, 2010

Disney World: Bibbity Bobbity Beautiful

We were so fortunate to spend 8 days in Walt Disney World over the past two weeks. It was a full vacation - full of fun and "Disney magic", full of family (all 17 of us between Steve's family and mine!), and full of princessy wonder. Don't fret, I'm sure that over the next week we'll publish more photos of Disney World than you could ever possibly care about - with 4 grandparents and 6 cameras, the trip was thoroughly documented.

And the very best part of the trip? I can't believe that I'm typing this (3 years ago I would have considered this sentiment impossible) but my absolute favorite memory is of taking Sasha to get her hair done at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique with her cousin Abby. We had a blast! And seeing our little girls radiating joy and confidence and the certain knowledge of their specialness as they lived out their true identities as princesses was... well... amazing.

"Um, you want to do what to my hair?  I'm not so sure about that"

Once the drawer of tiaras was displayed, however, both Abby and Sasha got much more interested in the prospect of having "princess hair"

She's my princess already :)

And here comes the crown!

Done!  Needless to say, all of the moms cried during the reveal.  We are such messes - what are we going to do when these girls get married?!?

Princesses Sasha and Abby, looking so proud and perfect (and appropriately be-sequined and ruffled)
When the royal carriage isn't available, a Grammy will suffice
And where's a princess to go after the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique?  Well, Cinderella's castle of course!

Waiting for the princesses to make their way to our table was torture.  Needless to say, Sasha didn't eat much food during this "meal"

Stuffing in a piece of pizza while impatiently waiting for another princess to sign the autograph book

When the princesses finally got to our table, an insistent Sasha met each with a huge smile and open autograph book

Oh, and they all got hugs - don't forget the hugs!

We had so much fun!

Well... most of us had so much fun.  The boys were so sweet and gracious during what must have been a highly challenging princess-tastic time and their manners almost lasted until the end of the meal.

Oh, I get a little misty-eyed even now as I look at these pictures of my amazing daughter!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful princess?!? Sigh. The only thing that could possibly be better than one Morningstar princess is two!


Veronica said...

SO beautiful! Your Princes is darling!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

Priceless!!! Absolutely adorable and exciting and lovely!! Sasha is a doll.

although i have to say the sword up the nose is sooooooo, uh, boy!? hahahaha!!! You will have to be sure to bring home some tai ji swords from China... I should send you a picture. :)

I am still laughing at the sword nose boy... that would so happen at our house... hahahahahaha

Melanie said...

That looks like such amazing fun, Jamie :-) What wonderful memories for all of you!

HAH said...

LOVE the Sword up the nose pic!

Cathy Lyon said...

I so love the magic of the age when the princesses are so real! It looks as though Sasha had magic in her eyes while meeting them!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Give your family our best!

Jennifer M said...

I love this post! I have tears in MY eyes. She just radiates joy, and yes, she is a born princess. Beautiful, poised, and clearly gracious in her hugs.

I think you could probably get paid by Disney for this as an advertisement. I'm hugely feeling the urge to take my own princess (and prince- please no skis yet!) to DW.

Lou Ann said...

The sparkle in your princess' eyes said it all and made her the most beautiful princess in the room. She just glowed with love, joy and excitement. Now I have princess envy and I can NOT show this to Lexie until we finally have a chance to head to the enchanted kingdom ourselves.

And I too LOVE the sword up the nose shot. That is as Morningstar as the glowing princess. I can hardly wait to see how the rest of your trip was!

Lou Ann & Princess Lexie too


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