Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lego + Space Shuttle = Two Days Worth of Building

by Sam

I got a Lego Space Shuttle for Christmas.  I liked opening it.  I was so surprised when there was a Bible inside and a note that said other gifts would give me scriptures that had clues in them.  It was fun finding it!

One of the scriptures were, "He who enters his house must first wash his clothing" - washing machine!  It was tough finding the pieces.

[Editor's note:  in case that was unclear, we tortured Sam with a treasure hunt where the clues were scripture references that led to portions of his Lego Space Shuttle kit, such as Genesis 44:12 leading to Ben's backpack.  I thought it was creative... Sam thought it was needlessly painful.  In my defense, he's the one who asked for a "hard" treasure hunt this year.]

Hence the fact that it's Lego and a Space Shuttle and two days worth of building, you can guess I had a lot of fun with this. The space shuttle has got a shuttle arm, landing gear, a pilot seat, booster rockets, and an external fuel tank, plus a launch pad. I think it's pretty cool, I like it.

It had 1,204 individual Lego pieces. With that kind of stuff, you can imagine what I could make if I took it apart and built it with my imagination. But I want to keep this together for a couple of years, it was tough.

It was for 16+ ages. I did it on my own.

That's all folks!


Laura said...

The lego catalog came today and Grady brought it over to show me what he wants next year for Christmas - the space shuttle!

Tracy said...

Wow Sam that is impressive. I probably could not do it and I am way older than you!!! Way to use your mind and what a great mom helping to hide the verses in your heart.


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