Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ben's First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

by Ben

As you know, it's my first visit from the tooth fairy. I was scared to go to the dentist office to get my tooth pulled out and when I got it pulled out, when I took out the cloth that was absorbing the blood, I felt over where my tooth was lost and it felt very weird. But now it feels a lot better.

What happened to my tooth is I got a filling and it got infected. Or, my root got infected. So they had to pull it out. It hurt, kind of.

My next tooth, hopefully, I'll lose it the regular way.

I used my tooth fairy money for a present for my school's Secret Santa.

Editor's Note: The Morningstar Blog editor is exceedingly proud that the tooth fairy actually came on the first night after Ben's tooth extraction. It usually takes her several nights to remember. This occasion is made all the more victorious because the tooth fairy had to work to find that tooth. Was it under the pillow placed neatly at the top of Ben's bed? No, of course not, because the only Morningstar who has slept in Ben's bed in the last few years is the dog. The tooth was finally discovered under the monkey's butt.

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