Friday, December 10, 2010

New WanYing Photo and Corrected Letter Seeking Confirmation

Today we got two very special WanYing emails!  The first was from the ever-fantastic Elizabeth from WACAP with a scan of our corrected Letter Seeking Confirmation for WanYing.  You'll be happy to know that our daughter is, in fact, a daughter in this version of the letter.  Checking the box that says, "We accept the adoptee mentioned above" sure felt great!

The second was an updated photo from the sainted Laura in Spain.  Seeing our little gal with the omnipresent toddler scratches and bruises (at least they're omnipresent on our kids, maybe other peoples' children are less accident-prone... but I doubt it) makes me want to scoop her up and kiss her owies and be Mommy to her forever all the more.  We sure can't get to China fast enough.

Come on, paperwork fairies, fly swiftly with our 800's and 684's and 230's and Article 5's!


Corina said...

This is so exciting! She's adorable...scuff's and all. My kiddos are the same way and especially anytime near picture time. :)

Luciana said...

Ooohh :( poor baby. Well, her hair is growing :) What a cutie. Things are moving along. So happy for you guys.


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