Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Disney World: A Study in Small World Experiences

"It's a Small World..." there's just no ride quite like it, is there? It boggles the mind how they manage to make 10 minutes and 30 seconds to creepy and nauseating and bizarre and and even genuinely cute all at the same time. Disney magic at work.

Here are our family reactions to the ride:
Buddy:  abject terror
Ben:  bored confusion
Mommy, Gramma, Sasha:  anticipation of the sheer joy to come.  Lizzie:  clear concern for the sanity of anyone on the ride
Gramma and Mommy:  slightly crazy-eyed enjoyment.  Lizzie:  clear concern for the sanity of the man behind the camera for documenting reactions to such a bizarre ride
Sandy:  exhausted wonder.  Xave:  perplexed fear
But clearly this photo takes the cake!  Mike:  mildly angry impatience.  Abby:  despair


MissM said...

The ride lasts 10 minutes and 30 seconds?? That is WAY too long.

Love the pictures and commentary - despair is the perfect emotion. I feel that way about my inability to get the Small World song out of my head now.

Lou Ann said...

Funny but I have such fond memories of it as a young girl but I haven't been back as an adult. And EVERY adult who has experienced it has the same feeling of it being a ride from....HELLo! Gotta love Disney for standing their ground and keeping it the same.

I can hardly wait to see how the rest of your trip went!


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