Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 16 and 17: Adventures in Disneyland

By: Steve

I know some of you have said to us how wonderful it is that we took everyone with us on this grand adventure to China and for most of the trip I have to whole heartedly agree that having everyone together from the start has been great. BUT, every once in a while, we have had moments where someone has short circuited from too little sleep or too much sugar and we've had to dig deep into our parenting tool bag to find the most effective way to deal with short term emotional trauma. So any time we've heard the whining and complaining start, we've switched to the time honored parenting trick of saying "If you stop now and are real good, we'll take you to Disneyland." I think next time they may wait until they know just which Disneyland we are going to first. They may hold out for the ones that mainly speak English.

Hong Kong Disneyland has been lots of fun for the past two days. Which is kind of surprising when you consider how small it is. It's not bad small, it's more like quaint small. Walking from one side of the park to the other takes all of seven minutes. There are really only four places to go-- Main Street USA, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, and Tomorrow Land.

Many of attractions are direct copies of rides or shows that we've been to at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando (Winnie the Pooh, Philharmagic, Dumbo) but there is some stuff here that is new to us. We went to one show called Stitch Encounter that was super fun. It was an interactive show with Stitch. Sam and Ben talked to him both times we saw the show. The actor playing the voice of Stitch even recognized the boys the second time he saw them.

Many of the rides we are familiar with are here with some subtle changes. Space Mountain was thrilling, but not too scary. Jungle Cruise was funny, but not hilarious. Buzz Lightyear was challenging, but not taxing. And It's a Small World was annoying, but not nauseating. Seriously, we rode on Small World 3 times. I think its a new family favorite. It might have something to do with how much WanYing liked it though.

You'll also be happy to hear that we've all eaten our weight in Mickey Head ice cream bars. And why can't DisneyWorld in Orlando have cornonthecob on a stick? It's great stuff.

Our third trip to a Disney property in the past calendar year (and first with four children!) was a total success. Tomorrow we explore a little of the island and then Monday we fly home - and thanks to a 32 hour day, we arrive home on the same day as we depart Hong Kong.

Please pray for our return flight. We can't bribe the kids with trips to Disney for good behavior, so we'll have to rely on the fact that they're amazing kids. Pray that the amazingness lasts for 22 hours of travel.


minime0910 said...

So glad all is going well with your new addition!! Hong Kong DL looks like a total kick! Safe travels home and congrats again! Erin and Hannah (KZ, 2010)

Lou Ann said...

That first picture of WanYing grinning through her ice cream is fabulous!! And clearly the multiple trips through It's a Small World were worth it to get such a look of joy on her face. Congrats to all of you and have a safe, calm, sleepy flight home!
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Luciana said...

Precious moments!!
I love all the pictures, everyone having a blast. WanYing's grin is too darn cute. And those little robes and slippers, oh my... cuteness overload!
Great post, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

Laura García said...

Yo estuve en el parque disney de Orlando cuando tenía 9 años.
Espero poder volver cuando tenga hijos!
Os deseo un muy buen viaje de vuelta!!

Con cariño,

I was at Disney in Orlando when he was 9.
I hope to return when I have children!
I wish you a very safe journey home!

With love,

China Dreams said...

Maybe you can bribe them with the promise of their own bed?



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