Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 Days Till Liftoff!

The paper chain has only two more links - aaaaah!  The kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement and I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad have the look of the slightly panicked living dead, both exhausted and completely overwhelmed.  Fortunately, we have the passports, visas, travel invitation, and plane tickets, and the rest can just be purchased in China if it doesn't happen to get packed (right?).

Actually, despite what the chaos of the "staging area" may indicate, I think we're in pretty good shape packing-wise.  Clothes are all clean and set aside, copious toys for the tens of hours of plane rides are purchased,
travel prescriptions have been procured, and all that remains is to actually place the chaos into suitcases.  That's Steve's forte - we're in good hands.

We got our preliminary itinerary from WACAP last week - here's the schedule that it appears our adventures in China will march to:
  • March 8-10 - Flights to Beijing (please don't remind me that our flights span 3 calendar days!)
  • March 10-13 - Sightseeing in Beijing
  • Evening of March 13 - Fly to Nanchang
  • March 14 - Meet WanYing and begin cutody
  • March 15 - Finish processing adoption at Civil Affairs Office
  • March 16-17 - Sightseeing in Nanchang and getting to know ourselves as a family of 6!
  • March 18 - Fly to Guanzhou
  • March 19 - WanYing's medical exam for her U.S. visa
  • March 20-22 - Sightseeing in Guanzhou
  • March 23 - WanYing's U.S visa interview
  • March 24 - Pick up WanYing's U.S. visa
  • March 25 - Travel to Hong Kong
  • March 26-28 - Sightseeing in Hong Kong
  • March 28 - Depart for Salt Lake 
  • Early in the morning March 29 - Home!  The real adventure begins :)


Susan said...

sooo exciting! you know, at our house, Joe is the one who fits it all in the suitcase too.

thinking of you guys so much!!! :)

Shelly said...

So excited for you all!!! Have a wonderful time!

The Brown Family said...

Our adoption of Kai was in Nanchang. There is lots to see and do while you are there- it will be a great adventure!

Kim Brown
PS I love your new blog header ;)

marymary said...

Wow wow wow wow wow.

I know it's a bit late to ask, but: anything we can do to help out?

Alison said...

Y'all are old pro's at packing for long international trips with kids, eh? Just seeing that picture of all your stuff gives me flashbacks :) And we were just packing for TWO!

Your itinerary sounds amazing. How wonderful you can all go together, too. I can only speak to Hong Kong, it is beautiful but with the excitement facing your family, you could be in TOPEKA and still have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear more - it's exciting to think about Wan Ying. That girl has no clue right now, the love and joy that awaits. You guys are rock stars - ALL THE BEST for your journey!

Alison said...

Y'all are old pro's at packing for long international trips with kids, eh? Just looking at that picture of your stack of stuff gives me flashbacks, and there were just 2 of us!!

How wonderful you all get to go together. Your itinerary sounds amazing. I can only speak re: Hong Kong - it is beautiful - but heck in this situation, you could be in Topeka and have an exciting time!

I keep thinking of Wan Ying - that sweet little girl has NO CLUE what awaits her. The love, joy and adventure in store for her life! You guys are rock starts. Can't wait to hear more re: your trip. Best wishes to you all!!

Lou Ann said...

So excited and thrilled for you all. I think bringing the kids is an amazing gift you are giving to all of them (not sure if it's one for the two adults though:-)
Have a ball and enjoy the sights while you actually get to be with and love on your newest baby girl. Wow!

Safe travels,
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Laura García said...

Solo una semana para conocer a WanYing!!!
Que nervios!!!
Estoy muy contenta!!!

con cariño,

Only a week to meet WanYing!
What nerve!
I am very happy!
: D

with love,


Anna said...

I am so excited for you! I can only imagine the frantic energy in your house and the excitement over adding a new member to your family. We wish you the best, and we know that God will lead the way.

My prayers will be with you for safe and happy children travels. :)

Christel and Family... said...

woohoo!! I am so excited! I can hardly wait to see her with you!!! :)

Lori Printy said...

now I'M excited. woo hoo two days!!!!

The piles of stuff ready to be packed sure look like a BIG family is about to travel!

Lou Ann said...

Have a great flight tomorrow and the next day and the next too.....oh my. :-)

Lou Ann & Lexie too


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