Monday, March 7, 2011

1 Day Till Liftoff!

(test post from the iPhone take 3)

Sam is madly trying to complete 3 weeks of make-up work before we depart... Steve is chucking a few more items into our masterfully-packed 3 40-pound bags... Must be time to go to China!

WanYing, here we come!


qmiller said...

Wishing you safe travels, kaboodles of good times, and blessings on meeting your little one! congrats!!!

Laura García said...

Buen viaje!!!!!
Seguireís escribiendo en el blog desde China,verdad???
Os seguiré muy atentamente!!!

Con cariño,
Have a good trip !!!!!
You will continue writing on the blog from China, right??
I read every day!

With love,

Shelly said...

Yay!!! Go get your girl! Can't wait to re-live it with you guys, but I must admit, I'll happily re-live it from home! ha!

Praying you all have a safe journey there and back!

Al and Lyndsie said...

Yeay! Yeay! Yeay!

Jennifer said...

Safe travels you guys. Thinking of you lots!

tac said...

CONGRATS!!! Looking forward following along in your latest adventure!


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