Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 1 - Arrival in Beijing

In the course of the past "day" (48 hours) we have learned many important lessons:
  • When you're tired enough, you'll sleep just about anywhere, including under airport benches or standing up in your hotel room as your parents try to rouse you for dinner
  • "Beijing looks a lot like Utah," or so says Sam. I'm guessing that's because all of Beijing that we've seen is the highway from the airport to our hotel... but I still don't think it looks very much like Utah
  • Mercifully for our children, a meatball sub from Subway in Beijing tastes pretty much as "good" as a meatball sub from Subway in the U.S.
  • Only one of us can enthusiastically endorse airline octopus for breakfast. Sasha ordered it with gusto, but fell back to the eggs once the reality of the meal became clear to her
  • Seat-back entertainment units really are a parent's salvation on a 13-hour flight
  • Sasha is very disconcerted that we are in China but haven't yet picked up her sister. We try to explain that it'll be a few more days, but she is understandably *done* with the waiting
  • I believe that over the next 3 weeks we'll prove that children can survive exclusively on bread, bottled water, and Pocky sticks
We're in Beijing safe and sound and even stayed awake until 8 pm. Tomorrow we do the first leg of our tourist circuit!

Today's prayer request: The kids have done *such* a great job powering through fatigue and inconvenience and parents who insist that they stay close instead of exploring on their own like they're used to. Please join us in prayer that they would know our gratitude, that we would express our thanks, and that they would feel the joy that comes from blessing others (especially exhausted and harried parents).

Also, prayers for awesome rest at appropriate resting times (roughly between 7 pm and 7 am) are always appreciated!


Laura García said...

Ahora a descansar, coger fuerzas y disfrutar de la ciudad.
Y al comienzo de semana, sereis uno más!!

Con cariño,


Now to rest, recharge yourself and enjoy the city.
And earlier this week, you are one more!

With love,


Joby and Marla said...

Enjoy every moment of your adventure. Can't wait to meet the newest Morningstar.
The Beasleys

Karla said...

I am so excited for I can hardly stand it! We are also a Utah family following the path of SN adoption in China. (Still waiting for our referral. . .) Your family is in our prayers and thoughts!

Marcia at Harvest said...

with 13 hour difference, I'm praying while you're sleeping! May the Lord grand you supernatural sleep and energy.

Lori Printy said...

so glad you are there..honestly the flight over is the worst part.

Try to slow it down in your mind, take it all in. It is such a whirlwind-so unlike Kaz, it will feel like it was over in the blink of an eye.

Lou Ann said...

Glad you made it safely. Can't believe you'll be a family of six in just a few sleepless, I mean restful hours!!

RyRy said...

Praying for you and your family. P.S. The pit isn't the same without you. I miss you a lot when you're gone. :(

Shelly said...

So glad to see you've made it to Beijing!!! Love the picture of your son sleeping "next" to the bed! I can't imagine how tired you all must be! Enjoy your days of touring! Not many days left before you are a family of 6!!!

Karen said...

Thanks for the update and pics...God has been bringing you all to my mind frequently!! Prayers are covering you all! Karen


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