Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shout Out to the Grandparents

We had a really fun visit with Gramma and Poppop over the past two weeks. Sasha has really warmed up to them, which is totally awesome. It was so cute to see her toddling around the house chanting, "buh buh, buh buh" (that's Poppop, Poppop if you're challenged by the letter p and begging Gramma to read the Elmo book again (and again and again). And, of course, the boys loved having willing victims for war and go-fish marathons and a good wrestling match every morning.

It was a great visit, and don't worry too much about our kids getting lonely, Buddy and Grammy arrive in a week!


Lou Ann said...

What a great family photo! There is nothing like the relationship between kids & their grandparents.

Lou Ann & Lexie

PS - thanks for checking in on our blog. And while our Turkey napkin holders where cute they were not even in the same class as Ben's Turkey Leg Hats. Those where awesome!!!!!!!!

Hewitts4Him said...

Great photo!


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