Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Independence - 1

I'm going to start numbering the "independence" posts because I'm pretty sure this won't be the last one. In fact, it's not even the first post we've authored on Sasha's do-it-myself mantra - who can forget classics like, A Girl on a Mission and Look what I found in the Fridge! And with Sasha's emerging language skills, we now get to experience her independent streak on a whole new level.

I am loathe to admit this, but over the past weeks Sash has developed quite an affinity for Elmo. We escaped the Elmo obsession with both boys, but it looks like we will not be so lucky with the third. We blame ourselves.

The other day, Sash decided that it was time to watch an Elmo movie and, in true Sasha fashion, I was not going to be permitted to participate in any step of the process.

"Sash, can I help you get Elmo?" "No, no, Mommy, I got it, I got it, I got Elmo"
"Sash, can I help you get Elmo out of the case?" "No, no, Mommy, I got it, I got Elmo"
And, finally, the crushing disappointment when she realizes that she actually put in a Baby Bear DVD instead of Elmo! Heh heh heh - maybe you'll actually let Mommy help next time! (doubtful)


Scott and Paula said...

What an adorable story!! Hopefully Sasha will learn that help is not all that bad. =)

Lou Ann said...

So cute and I love her hair bow!

Smith Fam said...

Perfect pic capturing her expression at seeing Baby Bear instead of Elmo.

And who wouldn't be disappointed at such a revelation? Bland Baby Bear isn't nearly as inspiring as bright red, energized Elmo.

Marcia said...

I've been reading past blogs - lets me reconnect with the Utah kids and eases the "I miss you tons" feeling.
Well -
Just wanted the world to know that Steve got "Elmo and the Potty" for Christmas. Perhaps Sasha will stop reaching for Elmo - or - perhaps Elmo will reach a place that parents haven't touched yet - love Grammy


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