Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we open stockings and then head to church in the hopes that our new treasures will keep busy hands occupied during the service. It's a good theory, and as you'd expect, actual results may vary.

That boy sure does have a goofy grin...

...I can't imagine where he gets it!

And then we donned our finest and it was off to church!

The pre-service family picture went remarkably well, with the exception of Buddy, who seemed to be surprised by the camera in every shot.

I guess I shouldn't bemoan Sasha's "cheese face" - it could be worse, she could photograph like her grandfather!

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Sumptuous Stitching said...

We learned a trick for the "cheese face"....have her say "sticky feet"...or as my niece says "stinky pete" relaxes the face and allows for a better smile....sooo cute though! I love that dress and am so glad you guys had a blessed holiday! :)

In Him,

Miss Cori


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