Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ben the Skier

Yesterday/the 12th I learned to ski! It was really fun! I only fell nine times and each time didn't hurt. So I really like skiing. I started out with the basics, started out the easy way, really.

I used the worms, of course, for the pizza stops. This is what a worm is - the worm is something that you use for pizza stops if you can't do them quite yet. The worm keeps the two skis close together so all you have to do is pull the skis as far apart as possible and there you have it, one pizza stop!

The amount of runs was about three on the handle tow and on the big lift I did one. I really liked riding the lift. Here's some information: If you wiggle your fingers when you're close to the magic tree (well, when you're above it, really), if you wiggle your fingers enough, the bar will go up. Isn't that cool?

So I really, really like skiing.


Editor's note: Sorry for the iffy video quality, we didn't have our good camera with us so Steve took this clip with his cell phone. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll have some high-quality stills for you within a very few days, the kids are already requesting daily trips to Sundance!


Smith Fam said...

Way to go, Ben!

Steve Amstar said...

Ben forgot to add that the magic tree only lifts the bar for you if you are sitting with some one who knows how the "magic" bar works. Ski instructors who teach hyper active children are good examples of people who can utilize the magic tree.

No worries though, we only use our powers for the good of all skier-kind.


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