Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tree Trimming

The tree is finally up and decorated, thanks to late-night lighting by Steve and lots of ornament hanging by Grammy, Sam, and Ben. Sasha likes to help as well, like today when she grabbed my hair clips and felt squares (I'm making her stocking) from the table and used them to adorn the tree.

I do love decorating the tree... each ornament holds memories and significance - ornaments inherited from past generations, ones I made in elementary school, an ornamet for each year of Steve's life, the boys' fabulous creations from years past, and fun trinkets we picked up on trips and vacations over the years. We have hundreds and hundreds of ornaments, and when combined with the lights, the bubble lights, and the Hallmark animated ornaments that my grandfather gave us our tree is, well, very festive.

Sasha really likes the tree. The first morning it was up she walked into the living room, gave it one gaping stare, looked at us, and gleefully shrieked, "tree, tree!" complete with sign (which we never taught her, so we're still a little puzzled on that one). She likes to decorate and un-decorate the tree and we haven't lost any ornaments to her enthusiasm (yet), although Chorney has consumed a few.

Here are a few shots of my adorable children decking the halls:

Sam shares my enthusiasm for ornaments

Proper placement is essential, you can't rush into these decisions

Finally, the perfect place for that ornament

When you're pondering decorations with such intensity, the tongue just has to come out to help with the thought process

"Mom, why do you keep telling me to look at the tree with a sweet smile? This is weirder than you usually are when you get behind the lens."

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marymary said...

Hair clips on the tree is ingenious. She's a smart one.


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