Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Eyes

Don't be fooled by this apparently adorable face. Oh, sure, she looks like a cherub - until she gets her crazy eyes on!

Capturing the crazy eyes in a photo has proven exceedingly difficult. When she sees the camera, she just gets all cute and smiley and the sinister freakiness of the crazy eyes is lost.

Here is attempt #1 to photograph the crazy eyes. Again, the picture is way too cute, but the general idea is there. She gets this insane grin on her face and fixes her eyes on you while turning her head slowly to the side. Very Exorcist-esque.

Attempt #2 captures the effect a little more, but I swear that this picture is still way too adorable to fully illustrate the crazy eyes to you. Like, you'll just be sitting there at dinner, happily eating your meal, when she fixes her eyes on you and pivots her freaky little head, and it's all over - goodbye, peaceful meal. Her brothers are no help at all, they just collapse into hysterics when she does it, which isn't really helping to extinguish the habit. Ok, I guess that my repeated efforts to photograph the crazy eyes aren't dissuading her either.


Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

She is soooo cute!!! you are right about the cuteness... it is hard to capture the crazy eyes on camera.... Our Anthony does this stuff too... it so funny! We, as freaky as it may be encourage it, since he was SO serious for sooooo long! :) funny kids! and so cute!

Jason Russell said...

Wow, she's really a cutie pie. How's her English?

Jstar said...

Thanks, Jas! Sasha's English is progressing amazingly well. She understands everything (maybe too much) and her verbal communication is already up to "normal" toddler levels, with the exception of the consonant sounds she's still trying to master. She's one amazing kid!


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