Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread Personality Studies

On Saturday we went to a super-fun birthday party and each kid got to decorate and bring home their gingerbread houses. I just had to share these with you, as a short study in my children's personalities.

Sasha: Whatever, sure, I'll stick some candy to this roof, and then it's time to go run around the room like the crazy toddler I am!

Ben: Sweet! Time to cram as much sugar on this house as I possibly can! (Actually, the house was even more spectacular but by the time I took the photo the marshmallows and several other "decorations" had already been gnawed off. And if you're wondering about the lollipops on top, it's a TV antenna. Very redneck-clever if you ask me.)

Sam: So, you say that I can take all of the candy on my house home, eh?

Sam, cont: Well, then, why would I bother with tedious decorating? I'm just filling this baby with as much candy as she can hold! (this large hole was created for ease of photography, the candy was actually stuffed through the small hole on the front side of the house)

Who's the strategist in our family?


Jennifer M said...

That's hilarious Jamie! I love it!

Selena said...

Sam is a boy after my own heart.


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