Monday, December 14, 2009


So, here I am at work, eating my lunch and reading blogs. I catch up on the story of a family currently in Almaty who just met their son today. As I read about their first meeting with their scared, shy, and perfectly perfect son - WOOSH - I am swept back to our first days in Karaganda. And I realize, "Oh my goodness, one year ago Sash was an empty t-shirt under our Christmas tree!"

A year ago yesterday we celebrated our early Christmas amid such a tangle of emotions... joy and excitement and gratitude for our Savior, our family, and our daughter halfway around the world mingled with disappointment over our delayed trip to Kaz and such a deep longing for the girl who was already our daughter in our hearts but whom we would still have to wait another long month to hold in our arms.

And today I sit in my cubicle, looking at that photos of an empty tie dye shirt waiting to be filled by Alexandra Grace Morningstar, crying like a damn fool. It is so good to be home, to be together, to be family. Worth all of that waiting. Worth all of that travel. Worth all of the "trying twos" that challenge our patience and self-control every day. Our God gives good and perfect gifts, and am overwhelmed by awe and gratitude and wonder. I guess that all of that gratitude just has to leak out in tears sometimes :)


The Life of Four Beckstrom's! said...

We are so happy for you guys. I still can't believe that Sasha has been here for a year it just seems that she has always been here. We love you guys. enjoy your first Christmas with your completed beautiful family.

Lou Ann said...

Happy Anniversary - almost! I was thinking that you where pretty close to your travel time anniversary. What a year for all of you!

I have to laugh when you wrote that you are at work reading too! I can't help myself. Two & a half years later I still love to see what Kazakh Kutie is coming home and how the ones that are here are doing. It seems I can't go to sleep or get my day started without checking in on a few families - one of them being yours.

Ain't life grand!!
Happy Holidays Morningstars!!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Al and Lyndsie said...

Oh I definitely understand how gratitude and emotions just have to spill out into tears sometimes, and what better occasion than the celebration in your heart over your daughter!

Hewitts4Him said...

What a blessing! Thats all it is...a blessing, the whole thing, your family, Sasha, big brothers, and of course tie dye! :)


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